VFL - Round 10 vs Coburg @ Windy Hill, 11:35am Sunday 29 May 2022

Zerk & Ham travelling AFL emergencies.


That team should be able to beat Coburg

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Nice to see us getting some AFL guys back in the side. It’s looking a lot stronger than what we’ve seen recently.

That midfield is still a bit of a worry, though.

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Zerk will be playing AFL I think

Reid injury cloud. On top of Ridley back from the spicy cough. On top of him being named on the field.

I’ll be dropping in for a bit for this one I think. Ham and Zerk are in Adelaide aren’t they?

Is that your condition to do so? :rofl:

Ham certainly over there, I skipped a couple hundred posts and looked at the pictures so dunno on BZT.

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Absolutely glorious day here for some diabolically bad football


Looks like Cutler is playing.

Dumb and dumber in commentary

Stats-wise, we average more hit-outs and score/concede a lot more than Coburg. Everything else is equally mediocre.

Add 6 in the favour of Coburg to the below…

IN: A.Francis, T.Cutler, J.Stewart, N.Bryan, M.Simpson, A.Hird

OUT: H.Jones, B.Zerk-Thatcher, B.Ham, A.Phillips, G.McDonagh, K.Weightman (all omitted/upgraded)

Stewart is back to work. Fails to punch the ball over the fence onto the empty bowls area, though.

Bryan > Sibbald

Where’s McDonough?


Bryan is so good (ignore that! Was unlucky)

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Bryan takes a good contested mark deep down back, gets called to play on for no reason, tackled and they goal from the square.


Yep, unlucky free kick but he’s looked good early.

Is there a live stream to watch today?

Connor Brand

Waxing lyrical? HAHAHAHAH

Yep. AFL site, you can watch every game.

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