VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

Ham one of several out on recon.

His light blue boots merge perfectly with the MND socks.

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Typical! never got an invite! :roll_eyes:

Snelling has very solid legs. Calves overtly pop out.

There’s at least one change today from what I predicted earlier: Berry is playing.

I give Bezerk Thatcher a Blitz pep talk and he slots it from the top of the race, easy.


Thank God! I thought you were going to announce that the chips were cold!:roll_eyes:

Beware of the Gooch today!

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Playing: Landt, Hocking, Berry, HepA, Bowman, Guccione Younan, Nino… haven’t worked out who is missing yet.

No Francis.

Remember we have a five day break.

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No Baguley.

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No Zac Clarke.

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No hope?:roll_eyes:

All other senior players are playing.

Oh no, 2 out of 3 of them are excellent VFL players and the other crucial to the ruck. That’s going to even out the game a little.

Anyone know anything about the quality of the rucks of Box Hill?

If Hartley goes to Roughead we don’t have a credible backup.

Bit disappointed not to see Francis out there warming up but totally makes sense now with the short turnaround before Thursday’s game. Sensible.

Clarke and Baguley? Not so much.

Reminder that 3WBC are available at:


and there are live stats in the VFL app.

Clarke not playing is scarier than him actually playing.


There was word that Belly might have landed a cheeky punch in the scuffle last night. Maybe they have pulled Clarke in case Belly gets a week?

A fully VFL contingent, including HepA, head to the bench.