VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

It’s on 3WBC 94.1 and Radio 3DJR. Is the second half of a double header with the women.


B: 49. M. Dea, 36. M. Hartley, 10. A. Francis
HB: 12. M. Baguley, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher, 41. B. McNiece
C: 8. M. Gleeson, 23. D. Myers, 34. J. Long
HF: 33. B. Ham, 28. M. Brown, 55. D. Younan
F: 22. I. Mosquito, 32. N. Gown, 14. J. Ridley
R: 20. Z. Clarke, 39. T. Mynott, 76. W. Snelling

Int: 61. W. Berry, 73. D. Guccione, 59. A. Heppell, 77. H. Hocking, 24. J. Houlahan, 56. D. Landt, 62. N. Lazzaro, 70. L. Mckenna

23P: 74. R. Bowman

Gown is back, Snelling moved to the midfield. Francis, Baguley and McNeice dropped to here. Houlahan shunted back to the bench. Pretty good team!


Should be able to make it.

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Box Hill Hawks

B: 29. C. Jiath, 25. R. Schoenmakers, 50. D. Mascitti
HB: 44. D. Greaves, 32. D. Mirra, 42. T. Miles
C: 45. W. Golds, 41. O. Hanrahan, 1. H. Morrison
HF: 40. H. Jones, 8. M. Lewis, 11. C. Nash
F: 37. J. Ross, 2. J. Roughead, 33. M. Walker

R: 27. M. Pittonet, 17. D. Howe, 54. L. Meadows

Int: 67. N. Boucher, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 14. N. Lane, 55. T. Maloney, 56. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 43. N. Reeves, 63. L. Walker

23P: 79. D. Reinbold

Ditto. For a while anyway.

60-year members brunch on from 10am.

Not related, but Willy’s Willy Wheeler is playing his 150th game.

I have no idea how it took me till this year to hear about Willy’s Willy Wheeler.

Willy’s Willy Wheeler.


Terry’s nephew, very good VFL player for a very long time.


Really interested to see where Franga lines up and how he’s attitude is after coming back, love to see some aggression and want to dominate the contest. Will they persist with him up forward and learn how to play the role or slot him back into defense?

We’re 3rd, they’re 7th. Should be a good game.

CORRECTION: They’re 9th. We should have a good win.

I’ll be there, we are going 3-0 again this weekend


Apart from the ruck, and perhaps the wings, that is a ripping vfl side.

Still no James Stewart, but yes impressive VFL side.


A willy long time?

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Will he?


Mosquito watch please.
Gleeson cant fit into the back 6, or are they playing him on the wing with the potential of playing seniors there?
Ridley as well not in the backline but up forward, will be interesting if he is used forward/wing or as a mid again?
Can Snelling get Myers like numbers in the midfield.
If we can add in Stewart to the lineup its a very solid side.

Only Mutch and Stewart missing from VFL? Is Jok injured?
and Draper/Daniher/Smith out for year in AFL.

IS Stewart still alive?


We’ll need to put 2 or 3 on ice at half time in case they are needed on thursday;
including francis & brown, which is a shame as they both needs lots of footy.

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Go Bombers & good luck to Mitch Brown today

Hope he has a good hitout and gets his touch back and they take him out of game at 3Q time.

Will be needed next week


VFL release list says Berry, Guccione, Lazzaro and McKenna are out.

So Younan, HepA, Hocking, Landt, and Bowman (23rd) to play.

Ground is damp but firm.