VFL - Round 11 vs Casey @ Casey 12pm 27th June 2021 on CH7

By far our strongest VFL team for the year


Dees have a good forwardline
Weideman, Benm Brown, Mitch Brown and Melksham, plus early draftee Laurie

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Looks like our strongest VFL lineup all season,


Where is Conforti???

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One of Cutler, Zaka, Durham will be the sub and not play.

but some nice matchups to look forward too
B.Brown v Francs
Weideman v Reid

Also dont mind our forwardline - Johnson, Hird and Cahill as the smalls. Plus Ambrose and McBRide and Phillips might create some havoc Tough and tall.

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Its a Sunday game, AFL plays on Sat night, depending on how much game time the Sub gets he can also play in the VFL


How healthy is Melbourne’s list at the moment.

Only two guys in that Casey team are not Melbourne listed players. Munro and White on the interchange.

What a luxury to have.

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I thought there was a rule saying the sub, even if unused can’t play VFL the same week.

Nope not in the VFL, maybe SANFL and WAFL.

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Good to see that Dunkley’s back. Also interesting that Eyre is named in defense.

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Can someone tell me if supporters will be permitted to attend the game on Sunday.

Yes you can

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That’s a very different (stronger) side than any we have put out so far this year.
However, Melbourne’s team is even stronger.
It’s a good opportunity for Brand, Eyre, Reid, McBride, Bryan and Durham to play with good players around them, at the same time as having good quality opposition.


Hobbs is the one to watch from a drafting perspective - A strong mid who will probably go top 30.

Josh Eyre playing back pocket :thinking:

Tis the year to trial all players in various positions. It’s working so far.


I’m surprised there is no chatter in this thread yet with the game starting in 20 minutes

Keep an eye on Durham for us David J Richardson.


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