VFL - Round 11 vs FCFC @ Windy Hill - 2pm Sun 9 June 2024

Still growing.


Watched most of it. Thought saad & caddy were clearly pretty good. Saad should debut against WCE. Caddy similarities to curnow you can see, they move similar

Reckon your reaching if you think either davey was any good. Ive said it before and will say it again - ADJ the softest player ive seen, and his brother isnt far behind him. Jayden with 2 is nice but far out, they just dont get involved. They have time on their side but tbh yep, im worried

Shiel is done.

I thought bryan was pretty good

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Both Daveys have tricks but you’re right about the hunger for the contest bit. They need to learn to smash in or they will end up like Leon Davis… great in the regular season but garbage come september

if you watched today then you probably saw the best crumbing goals all year from essendon, Peris, Jayden and Alwyn all roved 1 each beautifully off the pack like you want a small forward too.

Partly due to them staying down and relying on the big men to do the work at the marking contest.

Jayden also put his body on the line twice in that play with wanganeen and willed it forward and it resulted in a goal.


If either of them ended up like davis id be over the moon!


Interestingly listening to some NBA Darcy stuff during the week. Player X stocks felt at draft camp because he measured at 6’3", with 6’3" arms, so a bit shorter arms than we’d like. “Tyrannosaurus arms” for someone 1:1.

It makes a HUGE difference in basketball

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I didn’t say he was better, I said I have more faith he will make it……ADJ is ahead of him at the moment all Be it an average 2s player

The goal from Tex was super!


Sounds like both Davey boys need a preseason in the octagon learning how to take hits and grapple.

We need NatRat to come in and give em some mongrel

Sending them to do wrestling for the summer would be a good idea, get them doing twice a day at Ali Abdo’s will get them to understand work ethic and build some toughness.

It should be a condition of all our NGA and F/S to have them cross train in combat sports especially ones that don’t involve getting hit in the head

People see what they want to see
Some will never change their opinions