VFL Round 13 • vs Sandringham Zebras Sunday 2pm 11 July 2021

Great. Essendon VFL travels South of the Yarra for the convenience of those living in the South East.

But we sit 4 wins off the bottom, at 19th with the Zebras at 14th. Maybe we can get some coherence as a team by the end of the season.

Weather should be good, frosty morning but mostly sunny afternoon with a 20 kmph northerly. No need to dress up like an inuit.

Go Bombers



Something tells me that either durham or zerk will be our emergency

Well they are listed as emergencies in the AFL team.

I think Ham will be the Sub tonight

Looking closely at the Bryan, Clarke , O’Kearney midfield combo. But putting Zerk in as a key forward looks like an intriguing move. ( if it happens)

He is in the Backline, we are the away team.

Zaka not named, wrist issue.


Not really relevant given the VFL team is playing after the AFL team.

Would be close to as about a strong a VFL group as we can put out there with senior, experienced players in Younan, Atley, Dunkley, Thompson and O’Kearney. Probably the first time this year we’ve had all of those guys available.

The problem is only 11 AFL listed players, with those ‘missing’ players replaced by weaker VFL players.


And 11 AFL listed players who are mainly very very early in their careers

Our fwd line consisting of 4 and only 1 who has played a handful of games only

Great that we have the experienced VFL listed players there. They are badly needed.

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Is this game being televised on kayo?

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Co-captains keeping each other warm on the bench.

Just around the corner from me - off I go on Sunday!!

Wont be doing any updates thought - will leave that to the usual suspects!


Probably our best named side all year

Please do

No Conforti?

He played for Vic Country at Windy Hill yesterday


Not listed on the “live and upcoming” vfl games on kayo today, so no.
They only televise 3 games a round don’t they?

Would love updates from anyone who is going today.

I don’t think this is being televised or streamed anywhere.

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Why aren’t you watching your boy McLEAN on Kayo, right now ?

OMG!!! BRB!!!

Only 4 touches late in the 3rd.

4th Rounder

Edit…there he is :+1: