VFL - Round 14 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 2pm Sunday 8 July 2018


Leather poisoning I heard.


Mutch goes head down into tackles and is always gong to cop head knocks. He might need to learn another way or the concussion/headaches might seriously affect his career. It would be a shame if it adversely affected his game.


Who do we think is likely to be held over as an emergency for the seniors? Dea maybe?
On this point, it is galling that Richmond get to play all available players, their seniors having already played, and we don’t. It is such a waste for the player involved, and just a product of fixturing, which btw hasn’t been doing us any favours with the clashes lately.


Dea or Jerrett. The other 2 need to play


Any TV vision for this one?


Your job is to find the link to the Tiger TV live stream.


Thanks mate lol


AND REPORT BACK. I haven’t found it.




There’s a link on this page to the stream. Be prepared for a sudden burst of yellow and black.


Cheers Stan, yes, the link is down lower on that page , …



Direct youtube link so to avoid the Bitchmond page.



Better option here …

Direct youtube link so to avoid the Bitchmond page.


No hint as to the emergency players as a few players do some practice kicking in the now pretty stiff wind.


Franga playing here. Merrett is here.

Long is not.

That suggest NO changes in the AFL team.




No Dea. So either he is injured, or someone from the 22 is. Damnit.

Ground is damp but not too slippery. Decent win from the southwest is drying it, with a 45 degree advantage to the school end.


VFL seems inconsequential after the VFLW win.


NewLAV the deepest forward as it’s trapped in Richmond’s fifty.


HepA cops a hard sling tackle, gets the free.