VFL - Round 14 vs Willi @ Willi, 3pm Saturday 25 June 2022


I hope we have a close eye on Rasinac.

He’s an absolute gun.

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Do we know who out of the emergencies has flown over to WA?


Needs watching closely.

Ham looks to be over there.

Second ruck?

Good to see Reid’s ankle wasn’t anything serious.

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Hopefully Francis plays where he is named. That’s his best spot and that’s best way we could get any trade value if he dominates there.

Wonder if the emergencies will be put on the red -eye to get back for this game.


I’d say either Matt Simpson comes in as and emg or Eyre plays back up ruck

I expect a full report

Well I was on the red eye Qantas last night and didn’t see ham or waterman.
In saying that there was a virgin flight that left at 11.45pm they may of been on that

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Given they are the AFL flight sponsor, that would make sense.


Waterman is here, haven’t seen Ham


Ham is here too

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Looks like we are lining up as named. Reid is playing too


Stanton’s had a hair cut

‘Bout time


We’re definitely winning, right?

Bottom game they scored 3.16 :rofl:

Stream up for anyone yet?

EDIT: audio but not video arrived at 1504. Presumably also delayed, as the game didn’t start until after 1507.

How many players is Voss going to break today?

yep stream working we are down a goal in first 30 seconds