VFL - Round 15 vs Gold Coast @ Windy Hill, 1:05pm Sun 2 July 2023

B N. Hind (19) K. Baldwin (26) C. McBride (41)
HB A. Lord (28) L. Hayes (18) R. Montgomerie (38)
C M. D’Ambrosio (42) E. Tsatas (5) N. Cox (13)
HF T. Wanganeen (40) P. Voss (39) A. Davey (33)
F A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43) J. Jorgensen (56) A. Munkara (45)
R N. Bryan (24) B. Bernacki (59) B. Cootee (57)
INT D. Shiel (5) J. Fitzgerald (77) C. McCarty(79)
T. Phillips (55) M. Kiraly (78)
23rd M. Kiraly (78)
EMG B. Archard (50) J. Brown (63) W. Madden (66)
J. Brown (61) S. conforti (53)
INS N. Bryan (24) D. Shiel (5)
OUTS R. Loton (70) B. Archard (50)

Interesting…Shiel named on the interchange…

And wearing number 5

Another game we’re no chance to win.

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Surely Shiel is a late inclusion to the seniors.

Gold Coast Suns with their entire team composed of players from their AFL list. Not bad if you can get it.

Aside from the 23rd man obviously which is a developmental thing.

And they’re on top of the ladder.



Time to get another Elijah to Essendon.

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That is a very decent Suns team. Fair play to their depth.

Must have little to no injuries atm.

That is some list. How many in this team on the AFL list? If they all are, that is 46 players. How can that be? Our own team looks reasonably strong as well, well as strong as it can be made.

Looking at their list, it seems that the rookie concessions they got in 2019 are still in effect, which means they have 4 extra rookie spots, giving them a max list size of 48 active players rather than 44.

The concessions were only supposed to last three years, but they have 48 players on their list right now and, as far as I can tell, zero long term injuries. The only way that works out is if the rookie list concession remained in place.


Give me something to hold onto please, VFL team.


This team is CACA, big loss incoming. They’ve lost 1 game all year :woozy_face:

After last nights result I’ll have keen eyes on Voss and Baldwin


God I hope Voss dominates.


Really really want Baldwin, Voss, Wanganeen and Tsatas to dominate and give selectors a headache


Is this a 7 game or an AFL app game?

So Sheil to play today too?

May as well.

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