VFL - Round 15 vs Sydney @ Windy Hill, 10:30am Saturday 2 July 2022

Voss with a bone-crunching tackle


I like this Brand Voss kid.


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well done lads

Rasinac great mark from a Hird kick

Very nice pass by The Hird.

Rasinac set shot top of the goal square.

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Clever kick from Hird then.

In the first 30 seconds of the game, the commentators already getting 2 names wrong.

If they don’t know who the players is, they just make it up.

Rasinac is the real deal.

We should be drafting this guy

thanks Nino :stuck_out_tongue:


Bin Chickens take 4 minutes to get into their half of the ground.

good test for Reid and Brand today with Sinclair and McLean

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Please tell me Ham is playing so I know hes not at the MCG today


Voss got shoved and the ump pings him instead

2 chopping the arms ignored

have commentary got one name right?

What’s with these VFL umps not paying obvious marks?

They know the Sydney players, struggling with the Essendon ones.

Surely ham is a better sub than Phillips

Yep, 2 chopping the arms ignored in 5 seconds.