VFL - Round 15 vs Sydney @ Windy Hill, 10:30am Saturday 2 July 2022


Francis and Baldwin out are a surprise. Wonder if Balders is sick.

Swans are at full strength. This one will be hard to win.




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Francis missed last week as well, right?

No he played. Went OK.

Surely thats curtains for Francis then?

Eyre will probably have to play forward.

Phillips sub? Or Waterman?

Am sure Francis received a knock at some stage like every week he plays.

Baldwin was in ripping form hope he is ok

Positives are it opens the forwardline up for Voss.

Can play Stanton’s Stockade and isolate VOSS, with Weightman, Hird and Menzies to mop up the crumbs.

If we need extra height up forward could send McBride, Reid or Eyre forward.

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Wouldn’t mind seeing Reid go forward.
Just on the younger players, Stanton and Fletcher seem to have them playing more coercive and structured football than the seniors.
Those going up seem to catch the same confusion the rest of the team have.

Francis managed? A VFL match too much for him?

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Could Reid play forward as he is a similar build to the King brothers?

I’d love to see it.

Personally I think Reid should be tried forward to see what he can bring as an attacking asset. This is a top 10 tall talent- he has shown forward ability in his underage footy- that potential must be tested at some point for such a highly skilled player.


Go the Dons!

I would love nothing more than the winning the Bin chicken double.

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Would like to see McBride forward and playing the backup ruck role.


I agree. Watched Reid play forward in a practice match and he looked great.


I’ll miss the game this week, look forward to catching up in the thread.

The team has been playing a lot better over the last month or so.

Provides a lot more joy than watching the AFL team.

Voss and Menzie watch thank you.


I don’t mind trying him but I don’t think he has the aggression to be a key forward.

Would be Rory lobb 2.0

This…and Menzies to stake another claim.

First time Essendon has hosted South Melbourne (Sydney) at Windy Hill since 1896.
This is our 250th home game at Windy Hill if the comms are correct.