VFL - Round 16 CANCELLED vs Aspley @ Graham Road, 12:30PM Saturday 31 July 2021

Now we’ll find out if the rules are strictly enforced, and we need to find an entirely different batch of top-ups each week.


Ignore me

Let us know how Bryan plays David J Richardson.


Let me think about that: which game will I be watching at the time?


So Rance cant play for us again?

Not according to the rules. But then the rules were SURELY broken on the weekend when McCartin played for us. Free agents I get, but not someone from another VFL list?!?

It would be a bastard act to dump us in QLD and make us have to select afresh each week.

It would be, but the AFaiL have little regard for the new VFL Comp. and are just making it up as they go along.

It is a total bust and all the blame is at their feet. Dumbest idea in a very long time to introduce an East Coast League in the middle of a pandemic with state border restrictions.


The rules perhaps in place that you couldn’t sign up a player for multiple games in a row as really situations like occurred are expected to be a rarity

Hence it could be that each game has to be recruited for top ups in isolation

Since that round is now over, could then again look to bring in Rance as a one off for the new round only. So it’s potentially not breaking any rules. Just how you have interpreted it.

Rule appears as though cant be saying we’ve got 2-3 games coming up and sign him for a 3 game contract. Only 1 game contracts each week as required.

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I think we’ll be allowed to break the rules for this game. It’s just embarrassing otherwise.

I am simultaneously worried the AFL will also break the VFLW team section rules, and thereby allow Geelong to play 14 rather than 10 AFLW players versus us (arising from the unusual situation where the AFLW draft has been held before the end of the VFLW season).


I think GWS’s vfl team has the bye this week so I assume some of their vfl players will be our fill ins.


Farcical competition…….just have fun guys and work on your skills……nothing else worth playing for!


We don’t have a right back!!!



Looks like most of our top ups are GWS reserves players who have the bye this week. Good to see Josh Green (brother of GWS’ Tom) in the side.

Also worth keeping an eye on Max Pescud on the bench who has played with the GC reserves. There were some media reports that he was one we were looking at in the mid-season draft.


Wasn’t Caldwell suppose to be playing?

Would rather Hooker just had a week off!
Spewing we can’t play McCartin again.

Is this on Kayo?

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No, hopefully there is a stream of the game somewhere, maybe Aspley will provide one.