VFL - Round 18 vs Port @ Port, 2pm Saturday 4 August 2018


If you stand under one of the windows Dave, I may deign to throw you a chicken bone.


What? No quail on the menu? #CostCuts


Old school Port Melbourne




I think we had this exact same clash scenario a couple years ago (Dawks at the G, Port at Port) and I made the extremely bad decision of going to the MCG.

We’re gonna win both games this time. You’ll have to tune into Radio 3PC instead.

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perfect chance to break our losing sequence and get our season back on track


Dat me?



I will be tuning in. At work tomorrow so appreciate any comments you may have.


So good of you to volunteer.


Danny just kicked our 5th for the qtr.

5.2 32
3.1 19


Qtr time

5.2 32
3.2 20


It’s a cool overcast day. Wind to Willy rd end, but flukey but enough to influence. Port had the wind that qtr.


Ridley done for the day. Bruised bone in the foot. Can’t even walk properly.


2 quick goals to them - scores level


We are getting the ball into our f50 but not scoring. Forward line a bit dysfunctional today.


1 point to us, one to them.


Port - goal
PM 39
E 33


Boyse misses… still no goal this qtr with the wind.