VFL - Round 18 vs Williamstown @ Willy, 7:05pm Friday 21st July

The circles painted on the wings make it even worse.

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One of the comms reads Blitz

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thats the weid i know and love

3 of the worst hand balls in a row you’ll see

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Side on to one set of goals. Yeah, let’s put the camera there. :man_facepalming:t2:

VoSs kicked into man on mark going for distance

Some of the most diabolical tackling efforts you’ll see in that minute ,Weideman got shrugged off by a VFL player

bladwin type operator too

Great stuff Tippa!

Is Weid forward or back?

We’re kicking to the right back of your screen, and defending the left front.

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seems back

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The most unusual camera angle ever, positioned from a forward pocket

they’ve got baldwin forward…?

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Not sure what’s more disconcerting - the camera angle or Weid in defence.

And in most Willy weather, absolutely the right choice of position.

so baldwin’s gone forward.

like the look of sutton

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Sutton cracks in