VFL - Round 18 vs Williamstown @ Willy, 7:05pm Friday 21st July

we;ve got some vfl listed players with a touch of xfactor.



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We should have kept him forward pre-season, he would have played seniors as a forward and kept Weidman out, imo.

i think hes played very well both ends, just get him some consistency

Fair call.

Mass = permanent VFL or goes to Collingwood VFL.

Very inconsistent interpretations of HTB…

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Willy players keep throwing the ball after being slung 360

Yep, nothing inconsistent about our opponents being able to dispose of the ball in whatever way they want while we must be perfect every time.


Weid getting a taste

He’s doing alright



Geez we love just blind bombing into the F50. We never have the free player, they do. Every single time.

Yes, turn over kings.

Probably the best conditions you could get at Williamstown.

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Gatsy not Great.

6-3 we lead

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Whoever is on Tsatas is holding him with arms wrapped around at every contest.

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We’re getting spanked in the contest, largely due to Downie in the ruck, and we’re not getting any clean opportunities to run it forward.

Good work, Munny. Stilll responsible for all of our score.


Even when we have time we panic kick into the 50 though.

Lord’s done some nice things.