VFL Round 2 vs Sandringham Zebras 12pm 2 April 2023


Finally Snelling being played in his natural position of Full Back!


I will be looking forward to watching this game. What a difference 12 months makes. Our VFL program was a joke.

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No Hayes or Guelfi.

Edit, Hayes named in the EFC website team, Phillips an Emg. Guelfi has hamstring soreness.

Its live on Ch 7 too.


The most surreal line-up I’ve ever seen!


I hope Hayes isn’t injured. Rather, I hope they’re just managing his recovery and game time and learning not to overdo his loads given the challenges young skinny talls have with stress injuries.

More accurate I think.

Snell is HF, Hayes HB.

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Hobbs playing, that’s good


The AFL has been doing this for years. They list the team by jumper number (additionally, sometimes players are given a different display number and sorting number, so it looks even more wrong).


When I heard golf cart yesterday I expected season gone…great news that he’s been named.

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Which Phillips is that on the wing.


Andrew is listed as an emergency

AFL player one week to VFL emergency the next, very strange.

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It’s just because he’s an AFL emergency. If they don’t need him tomorrow, he’ll play in the VFL on Sunday.

Or possibly that they’ll give him a rest for the week and only bring him in if required.

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Tom Campbell off the back flank for the Zebras. That’s one tall flanker!

VOSS in the centre square. Look out!

#65 for Sandringham is a follower?

I just realised they’ve dropped Phillips to the VFL. Must be hoping Wied can ruck in the forward line. Draper will struggle

Yeah it will be Draper/Weid vs Marshall/Cordy. Pretty even, though Marshall is performing ahead of Draper atm.