VFL - Round 2 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:05pm Sunday 31 March 2024

I’m convinced he will. We can wait 'til season’s end to see who was right, but I don’t think we will need to wait that long.

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Bryan + Hately + XON + Tsatas…that SHOULD be a competitive midfield group…I want to see them grab control of this match.

american border security is a war crime, give us the aus goods while we wait

Sandringham aren’t overly stronly listed with AFL listed players, lets see if we can get close.

Keep us posted David J Richardson.

Hopefully Davey boys play well.

Boys let off the hook early with some misses, 0-2

Davey boys swarm in the middle, but Weideman marks and centres to a contest, no score.

Can’t believe how clean and skillfull Sandy players are… lol

Nate Caddy off the field bleeding from the nose, looks OK.

Lual had the right idea, just didn’t hit the kick.

Every time Laul kicks the ball I swear he’s either turning it over or making his mates work that little harder for the ball.

They miss another set shot, ball mostly in their half.


Who fumbled that? That was horrible.

Number 51 for us fumbles an average Laul handball, after Hayes drops a mark. Collard snaps the goal.


No 51 whoever that is.

wtf was that noise?

Roberts made something happen there.

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The Lual handball was fine.

Bryan wins the tap in the pcoket, Roberts wins the high free, but misses a very gettable shot from 40.