VFL - Round 2 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:05pm Sunday 31 March 2024

Will be on the telly, and streaming.

Ins: A. Davey, Tsatas, Jones
Outs: Kiraly, Shiel, Jedwab

Ummmm… Shiel did not actually play last week.

B M. Foley (73) W. Hoare (51) L. Hayes (18)
HB L. Lual (34) C. Gray (81) V. Visentini (39)
C T. Toma (61) E. Tsatas (5) A. Roberts (38)
HF A. Davey (33) H. Jones (23) J. Peris (53)
F N. Caddy (30) S. Weideman (10) J. Davey (36)
R N. Bryan (24) J. Hately (50) X. O’Neill (55) (C)
INT S. McKay (80) B. Scott (77) R. Monti (52)
J. Eckersley (58) O. Smartt (83)
23rd Player O. Smartt (83)
EMG J. Jedwab (68) M. Kiraly (78) A. Molan (82)
C. Bolmat (64) L. Alessio (63)

For the record, the presumed same author knew last week’s VFLW late change (Tracey for Marshall) but not that Shiel was a late withdrawal.

But don’t worry, EFC did make a different annoying error in the VFLW article…


I’m convinced that Shiel will never play a VFL match.


So we’ll be paying him for a full season in which he doesn’t play any competitive football and then delist him! :roll_eyes:

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shiels going to shape up as the worst trade in efc histry


Looks like it.

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What’s crazy is our vfl team has more afl listed forwards in it then our afl side

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B: L. Macnab (66), A. Seaton (50), A. McLennan (41)
HB: A. Schoenmaker (27), M. Ryan (74), T. Blamires (53)
C: J. Docking (85), B. Watson (70), V. Zagari (58)
HF: H. Hall Kahan (55), W. Brown (54), O. Lowe (59)
F: M. Heath (42), J. Hayes (18), L. Collard (4)
R: T. Campbell (38), O. Hotton (39), H. Garcia (34)
INT: I. Keeler (17), D. Hipwell (51), T. O’Leary (60)*, Lo. Young (81), M. Faimalo (99)
EMG: Le. Young (64), W. Nish (56), B. Welsh (77), L. Ryan (76)

IN: W. Brown, J. Docking, J. Hayes, B. Watson
OUT: D. Butler (AFL), A. Caminiti (AFL), A. Hastie (AFL), B. Crouch (knee)

Nick hind should play vfl tomorrow. Only played under half a game in the firsts


Tsatas in the middle.

Watch him go.

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Tsatas, Caddy, Daveys, Roberts - hopefully a bit of excitement.

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He wasn’t named. Can he play?

Is this game televised?

Saints are down to the bare bones due to injury

Not much running around in their vfl team

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First post:

The Winning of the Weekend is up for grabs in this game: the women agonisingly drew, and the senior men won by four points.

Don’t mess it up!


Does kayo have the vfl

Scratch that for those playing interstate or overseas like myself and not running a vpn you can download VLC media player and type the address in the attached picture in the stream section and bingo you have channel seven Melbourne.
Also if you want other channels like racing etc pm me and I can give you more addresses.



To be precisely correct though, Shiel withdrew during the warm-up, after the team sheets had been submitted. Without Shiel, Essendon played with 22 players and Brisbane played with 23. Thus, Shiel is one of three “outs” from last week’s side even though he didn’t actually make it past the warm-up.

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