VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Smallest crowd I’ve ever seen here. Conditions aren’t unpleasant by Willy standards, now.

Which means it’s still quite unpleasant. Wind is across the ground.


Is joey D there practicing goal kicking in case Anzac day is wet?


They’re bad enough that @paddyl90 joins us in the booth, rather than his usual roving position behind our goals.


Announcer says “the theme for today is the 1970s”… hence the bog in the middle of the ground.


Let’s hope the umpires" favourite movie is not Free Willy


Sun comes out for first bounce.


Three Free Willys already. Set shot from the third.


Poster from 15 out.




Draper takes his one mark for the game. Contested pack, from behind, on the wing.


who is missing possible afl call up?



Snap around the body from forty out.

6-2 we lead.


Damn. Smack ON FIRE. Edges man under ball, turns and slots it from 45.



At least five of our men wearing long sleeves.

None of our women did, in catastrophically worse conditions.



Mynott gets his head ripped off, is a honey badger.


newLAV at full-forward.


Awful set shot miss by them.



NewLAV first contest is a draw, good as it traps it forward.


Who knew the rain radar dons the sash?


Mutch snap is touched on the line.



Say that again