VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Myers didn’t protect you???


Hocking currently forward.


Redman forward, reads the ball best by being in front. Misses from twenty on the boundary.




Quick break and long kick by them works, just. Mark running with the ball, and goal.

14-9 at 24 minutes.


Fifty metre snap point by Mynott, cross wind killed it.

Ambrose killing chances for them.



Hind tries to run through pack, fails. And fifty. Poor.


Why is Redman playing forward when he is a possible replacement for McKenna? Or is he seen as a potential replacement for Green? Can he tackle (that is all that matters in AFL v2018)?


I think he’s being seen as a possible replacement for everyone.


New ruckman.


Except ruck


Don’t need more ruckman in the VFL!


jerret in the vfl?


Bezerk Thatcher nice contested pack mark on the wing.


Looney snap point from ruck.


Jackson kick after a mark at fifty is touched through.



And AFL v 2017, 2016…

Right back to when they introduced the concept of prior opportunity.

(Or perhaps, for the conspiracy theorists, to when they decided that they needed to make the game more appealing to the Northern states, and in particular the Sydney market.)


Correction: Hartley was out with the team before the game.



That is huge news


Redman goes to the defender huddle at quarter time.


2.5.17 leads 1.3.9