VFL - Round 20 vs Footscray @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 18 August 2018

B: 70. J. Sheahan, 36. M. Hartley, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher
HB: 59. A. Heppell, 14. J. Ridley, 34. J. Long
C: 77. H. Hocking, 19. K. Mutch, 20. J. Merrett
HF: 51. A. Boyse, 17. J. Stewart, 33. J. Laverde
F: 15. J. Green, 38. S. Draper, 24. J. Houlahan

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 37. D. Clarke, 39. T. Mynott

Int: 61. W. Berry, 68. N. Dixon, 64. J. Harrison, 57. N. Hind, 60. B. Laguda, 79. J. McQueen, 65. E. Sibbald, 55. D. Younan

23P: 67. J. Brown

In: J. Green, J. Laverde, J. Ridley, N. Dixon, E. Sibbald, J. Harrison, J. Brown

Out: M. Dea, L. Collins, D. Hanna



B: 18. F. Roberts, 32. K. Collins, 37. R. Smith
HB: 51. L. Dalgleish, 2. L. Young, 36. B. Lynch
C: 56. W. Hayes, 28. C. Porter, 50. J. Prudden
HF: 27. P. Lipinski, 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 60. A. Tashevski-Beckwith
F: 30. F. Greene, 15. T. Campbell, 66. A. Monfries

R: 44. T. English, 46. L. Jong, 22. M. Honeychurch

Int: 70. C. Henness, 73. R. McComb, 61. L. Nash, 62. B. Olsson, 71. A. Panayi, 59. J. Shea, 57. L. Smith, 53. L. Sullivan, 68. D. Symeopoulos,
58. E. Wales, 67. J. Wallis, 54. R. William

23P: 76. J. Smith

In: R. Smith, L. Smith, K. Collins, J. Wallis, P. Lipinski, L. Jong, F. Greene, L. Nash, B. Lynch

Out: J. Patullo

Haha…I initially thought “have they only got 3 AFL listed players playing”? Then I realised what the bolding was

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2018 Rd 9 @ VU Whitten Oval: Footscray 10.12 (72) d Essendon 8.13 (61)


Essendon (10th, 7-9) suffered a sixth straight defeat in losing to Geelong by 28 points last week. / Footscray (8th, 8-8) was unable to shore up its finals spot in Round 19, with a 20-point loss to North Melbourne its fourth defeat in five games.


Can the Bombers climb off the canvas at the last moment? Essendon was sitting in third spot after Round 12 but will now be out of finals contention if it loses this match. However, a win means the Bombers would likely just need to defeat the Northern Blues in Round 21 to snätch eighth spot from the Bulldogs due to their superior percentage.


These teams rank first and second in the VFL for clearances per game (Footscray first), but the Bulldogs managed to win their Round 9 encounter despite losing clearances 47-33 to Essendon. What might worry Footscray is that some of its leading stoppage players that night – such as Lukas Webb, Josh Dunkley and Mitch Wallis – likely won’t play this time around.


Footscray senior coach Steve Grace on the importance of this match:

“The players already know (it’s important); they were well aware last week as well. We’d set ourselves up to play three ‘elimination finals’ and obviously the first one didn’t go to plan (against the Kangaroos). We were on the back foot from the start and had to scramble to level the scores, only for mental lapses and some inexperience to affect us in the end. Our injury list has been long at AFL and VFL level all year, so we’ve been able to get experience into some young blokes that they wouldn’t otherwise have had and we hope that will hold us in good stead.”

On the keys to victory against Essendon:

“I think we need to take away their uncontested marks, stop their spread and be able to control the ball – that’s what we did well when we played them earlier this year. We were able to win the ball on the inside and control the outside game as well, and if you can’t control the Bombers on the spread then you’re chasing a bit of tail. They may have some more experienced guys around the ball with some AFL polish, so we’d like to take away some of their strengths by controlling play.”

On Footscray’s season so far:

“We’ve been in almost every game; we’ve either beaten or been in front of every top-eight team except for the Box Hill Hawks. We take heart out of that but there’s a been theme as to why we can’t beat some of those top sides, and it’s to do with the turnover game and our inability to defend as well as we’d like. (In terms of individual players,) Will Hayes has had an outstanding year and Reuben William is improving every week as a quick, pressure player. Cody Henness has impressed in the last few weeks, Andrew Panayi has come on as a small forward, Lachlan Sullivan has improved every week as a midfielder and we’ve also had good growth out of Lachlan Smith as a key defender.”

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Is Hanna unlucky to be dropped? Or are we now hiding him?

Min 9
Max 14
Showers. Local hail and thunder.

The chance of hail and thunder from the late morning. Winds northerly 25 to 35 km/h shifting west to southwesterly 25 to 40 km/h in the late morning.

Perfect Windy Hill conditions.

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Ridley + LAV in = Hanna out. Yep, bad luck.


We need Lav watch (I’ll probably head down, but 4 qtrs with a toddler in tow is tough), watching the Tigers just reiterates the value that “midsize” players have in the modern game.

come on lads

It’s going to rain all afternoon folks so take a coat & umbrella

Bash & crash footy!

Currently fluffy clouds and sun.

It was raining a few kilometres back though :slight_smile:

OK, I’m low on chips* after last night… but ALL IN**

*Not that sort, you weirdos
**Lie. Holding back 10% for the VFLW game following, where we need to beat second-last to draw level with them with one game to go.

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P. S. If you’re driving from the east, note that the bottom of Brewster Street is closed because of significant stormwater drainage works.

Gusty wind flipping between from the north and from the west. If kicking from the race, aim more to the right!

Or better, boomerang or hook kick to counteract the wind.

Warm-up: Long has a decent chunk of strapping above and below the left knee.

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Coach Worsfold & Worsfold Jnr have arrived

Grass is slightly damp but good underneath.

Merrett forward and LAV in the middle to start.

1-0 blow the siren.

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Boyse looking good early.

Stewart gets a leading mark on the wing. More please.

Bezerk Thatcher manages to draw a race back to the goalface against a small.