VFL - Round 20 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 17 August 2019 - streamed

Just drove through the Buckley st rail underpass. Jeez. Who selected the color scheme on the sides of the trench? Yuck. Should have gone with Red and Black.


We know he has a big tank but when he plays AFL he is on the ball almost all of his time on ground and plays man on man. Yep I think he probably needs a break, but I think we need a tough inside mid like him,. Not necessarily always in a tagging role.

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Is it free to get in?

Harts dressed casually. Not playing I guess

We just walked in via social club

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Yep. Has been for a while

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Women have pulverised the top-of-the-ladder team this morning.

Time for the men to complete the threepeat.


Harts definitely not playing.

Outs: M. Hartley, B. McNiece, D. Landt, N. Lazzaro.

Debuts: M. Day, D. Marshall.


Any reason given for Hartley’s omission?

Hartley and McNiece injured or are we really hedging our bets for next week’s AFL game?

They can’t get it out of our 50, we can’t do anything with it in there.

Scrappy play but in our f50. Just heading out and back into their’s. No score.

Five minutes of good pressure keep the ball in our forward line.

They get ball down their and and we can’t get out… still no score

not getting free kicks as usual

Lol Myers kicks into the back of an opposition player

Like the look of Bowman

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Geez if only we could kick well going into the 50

The quick handball in traffic is working at lot better for them than it is for us

Looks like Houlahan is playing mid/hbf at the moment.