VFL - Round 20 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 17 August 2019 - streamed

Note the first out, who has been named as an emergency for the AFL. Ridley given the Houlhan treatment and dumped to the bench.

B: 59. A. Heppell, 36. M. Hartley, 41. B. McNiece
HB: 12. M. Baguley, 73. D. Guccione, 49. M. Dea
C: 46. T. Jok, 77. H. Hocking, 34. J. Long
HF: 16. J. Begley, 68. N. Dixon, 24. J. Houlahan
F: 15. J. Laverde, 72. T. Smith, 22. I. Mosquito

R: 74. R. Bowman, 55. D. Younan, 39. T. Mynott

Int: 76. B. Laguda, 56. D. Landt, 62. N. Lazzaro, 57. D. Marshall, 23. D. Myers, 14. J. Ridley, 65. E. Sibbald, 50. J. Tynan

23P: 54. M. Day

In: B. McNiece, J. Begley, D. Marshall, M. Day, D. Myers, J. Laverde, D. Guccione, M. Baguley

Out: B. Zerk-Thatcher, B. Ham, B. Huggard, J. Brown

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B: 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 42. R. Garthwaite, 33. K. Mcintosh
HB: 37. C. Menadue, 38. N. Balta, 28. F. Turner
C: 32. L. English, 26. R. Collier-Dawkins, 45. P. Naish
HF: 39. J. Aarts, 40. C. Coleman-Jones, 7. D. Butler
F: 31. O. Markov, 36. C. Moore, 46. B. Miller

R: 47. I. Soldo, 50. M. Pickett, 21. J. Townsend

Int: 54. J. Ballard, 71. N. Baltas, 53. H. Beasley, 79. W. Coates, 78. D. Coffield, 56. B. Grewar, 58. C. Harris, 51. S. Morris, 64. T. Silvestro, 55. L. Street, 60. C. Thompson, 16. M. Weller

23P: 66. B. Henderson

In: B. Grewar, C. Thompson, W. Coates, K. Mcintosh, L. Street, C. Harris, Baltas, M. Weller

I’ll be in Perth. Give me good coverage!

Unless you have teleportation, it overlaps with the VFLW at Vic Park.

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Are you doing all the interstate games this year?

They are going to absolutely belt us

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D. Eggmolesse-Smith?

That’s one way of turning Smith into a less common name. But I suppose, look what Walla did for the relatively common surname of McDonald.

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There will be coverage but the standard is questionable. @Tombob is over with you too.


Yes, well the standard was questionable last week and I could see that in almost perfect clarity.

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Only all of the interstate games after today.

Haven’t been to the new Perth stadium yet. Hence, as per Adelaide Oval, we’re gonna win.


Post a review of you know what for me, be interesting how there heated carbs compares to what we have here.


Matt Day, the 23rd man is big bodied mid I believe

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Dlarke is legit getting a rest rather than just being flat-out dropped from the ones it seems.


Imagine he would be the travelling emergency to cover any non key position let outs.

Zerk Thatcher and Clarke seem to be the travelling emergencies.

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That’s a very strong Richmond team - Garthwaite, Mcintosh, Menadue, Balta, Collier-Dawkins, Naish, Coleman-Jones, Butler, Markov, Moore, Soldo, Pickett, Townsend

Even our best VFL lineup might have its work cut out, and we are a long way from that.

Yes, Richmond are strong favourites to win this one. But hopefully our boys will compete well.

“Yeah, my father is British, and my mother is a Chicken.”


Egg more or less

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Four tall defenders and a fifth as the travelling emergency. Belt and braces. And buttons. And some duct tape.