VFL - Round 3 vs. Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill 12:05 PM Sunday 2 May 2021

So first game back at Windy Hill. And they’ve not left enough time to get from the game to the MCG for the 3:20 pm kick-off there. So we’ll have to head off at 3qtr time. Very annoying.

Could possibly get Zaka, Stewart and Clarke back this week, so that will both bolster the side and add a little more interest.


30mins on a bike. No sweat.

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There’s a train from Essendon at 2.14pm, connect at Flinders St & you can be at Jolimont at 2.43 pm

That’s my plan.

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See this is the perfect chance for a curtian raiser.

Why the fk are we doing this?


Sounds good, and thanks for the exact info.

Unfortunately, as I said at the top that will mean missing the last quarter.

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According to the injury report Clarke is still 4 weeks away, Stewart and Zaka are available.

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Which injury report?

The AFL one had Clark doing a “test”.

The club one released a couple of hours ago where Murphy said he’s weeks/months away.

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Went and found it. Rats.

He was obviously being tested to see just how long he’d be out …

I’ll be very surprised if Clarke and gleeson play afl ever again

For those savages who don’t read the VFLW game threads, Gleeson was doing slow laps before the ANZAC Day match at Tulla.


Gleeson would make a perfect medical-sub. Get him to 100 games.

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No he’s not he plays 1 position not very well don’t let him anywhere near the team ever again

Well, if Bryan is playing seniors because Phillips has a hamstring, then who the hell is going to be rucking?

This kind of short-term viewpoint is what has got us where we are now! He’s perfect as a medical sub:

  • We know he’s being delisted, so spending the game on the bench doesn’t hurt us.
  • Getting him to 100 games via a quarter here and there locks in any future F/S options.
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The guy with the headgear

Edward Cahill, we’ve tried him everywhere else.

For anyone who knows.

Is there a reason why Josh Kemp hasn’t played yet?

Injured? Not good enough? Other?

Oh ■■■■.

Out for the year?

Oh hell. Wrong thread. I was thinking of Carlton’s Kemp.

Sorry to worry you. No idea on Josh.