VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019


Draper looks a bit cooked; sitting, trying to cool down.

It’s only 26 degrees so far.


Huddle speech being videod, I assume you’re seeing it.


If he wasnt such an unselfish little bugger, he may have very well met the request.


He’s looked alright today. Seems to have spent time at half back, also bobbing up at HF. Maybe his work rate’s getting there.

Actually think Long has looked good too. Sticking to his man (has had Whitecross a lot of the time, so a decent standard player) and sticking his tackles.


Like last week, the important thing is to stop the opposition scoring in this final quarter. Percentage!


Some vision - no sound. Any inside info?


Begley and particularly Bezerk Thatcher looking a bit proppy.


Interview making a good point. This is only our 2nd VFL game for the year. Explains some of the rust.


Big punch from Francis.


Sore or spent?

BZT spent a good minute huddled down at the end of that quarter, completely ignored a kickout. Just before that he’d been in about 3-4 pack contests in a row.


OH oh oh… that’s all too easy to start the 4th.


A big intercept punch by Francis sets up a run down the wing. Nino to Hocking streaming forward for the mark. Goal.



We’ll win by 100 if North let us do that all quarter.


Nino again, hands off to LAV and more streaming towards the GOAL.



We’re gonna win!


Clarke clearance gets into F50, and Laverde snaps a nice goal after the fendoff.




100 point win time


Good clearance by Clarke. Connellan races down the wing.


Clarke clearance again into F50… but we don’t get the ball this time.