VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019


The VFL game is on the Saturday. I won’t be going since I’m away for all of Easter, so any commentary will be appreciated!

AAO is “Avalon airport oval” in Werribee. WTF would it be out there?


Radio 3DJR will be at Chirnside Park. Further away than Arden Street, but better to watch at.





Has construction finished at Chirnside?


No they are still in the design phase:




I always get confused at the naming of this.


Hmm…nothing to do Sat. But its a fair drive. Might give it a miss


If you come, I might notice and acknowledge you.


We are the curtain raiser for the Werribee Vs Geelong VFLM game starting at 2pm. Strange 2 games at the same venue one after the other.


I’m going to Werribee to see Joe play


Joey is going to get tanked at Mynt Lounge the Friday night, then stumble across the road and play Saturday morning.

It’s the only explanation.


This game really should have been a curtain raiser on Friday with proceeds going to the RCH


The VFL website will be streaming the match :ok_hand:


@BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS will be here shortly to tell you how to put a delay on Radio 3DJR to sync it with the vision.




All you need is LAV?


He’s hanging out for a game.


If Long and Zaka are passed fit that means there will be 20 listed players available for this VFL game. Should be a pretty damn good line-up!


“Munted at the Mynt - the Joey D Story”. Sounds like purgatory specifically for footy players. Or heaven for some I guess.