VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019

86 point lead

I’d be terrified if i followed North seniors absolutely putrid and nothing comeing up in the VFL worth getting excited about

Decent start

Are norths seconds decent, or garbage side?

Francis pinged for hold/push.

Almost a good kick by Norf. But only almost.


Brown tackle free, hands off to Hartley 55 out… misses. Ball swerved all over the place.


Got beaten by Melbourne’s 2’s last week and a stand alone vfl club ib werribee in round 1

Norf set shot. Umpire signifies a point then instantly waves two flags.


Back to 300%


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Gleeson back on!

LAV bad kick to Jordan running Into goal. Point only.


Begley ducks two tacklers. Smooth.

Good team pressure including Mo22ie at the end forces a mis-kick to Mynott 45 out. But he misses.


Wait they have a multi time hawthorn premership player from a club with a nothing but go out and win culture sitting in the VFL ■■■■■■■ lol

Jok chasedown tackle. Shorts are below the knees, according to the ump.

Horrible call

Boys just starting to cramp up from the looks of it.

Would be happy to hear the siren soon and just move on to next week.

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cmon time enough to get 2 more goals

88 up now

Brown tripped near goal.

That’ll do, goals from thirty.


24 minutes in.

Keystone cops
The 3 stooges
North Melbourne

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Gleeson Francis, Laverde, Begley, currently on the bench.

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