VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019

What I wonder about Connellan is that say by June we like the cut of his jig can we just snap our fingers and list him as Cat B and he plays ones and we feel like we just found a four leaf clover?

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No, I think all Irish guys initially fall under the “Haven’t been registered to Aussie Rules in the previous 3 years” category and once they’ve been registered to play AFL they are no longer Free Agents.


Are you sure he doesn’t qualify as a delisted free agent?

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Hmmmm… that could very well be the case. May be able to grab him as a DFA at the end of the season, effectively giving up our last pick in the national draft.

It’s a very even-handed highlights package, you wouldn’t know we won by 94…

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You may very well be correct

Basically, any one who has previously been on an AFL list is a Free Agent. Connellan would therefore only need to be convinced to sign.

Mitch Grigg and Jye Bolton, who are arguably the two best midfielders in the SANFL and WAFL would also be FAs. This will add a very interesting dynamic to the end of season shenanigans.

Come grab a beer at my local, particularity after the tradies knock off on a Friday. Champions everywhere!


As a matter of interest, are there any restrictions on VFL listed players training alongside AFL listed players? Aside from games in the VFL this would be the best way to both fast track him and ultimately assess him in competition with AFL level players and see if its a case of WSPHU.

I don’t know whether the AFL has any rules about non-AFL players training with AFL teams, I don’t imagine so. One of the restricting factors would be the part-time nature of VFL listed players. I imagine that being aligned to an AFL team and the development resources they have access to would be a drawing card for many VFL players.

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We sooooo got fined for having non-AFL players train with us.

I suggest the AFL players train with the VFL instead: there’s no ban on that :slight_smile:


OK. Connellan does not qualify to train with the AFL players. ( 2017 rules) but the General Counsel can make it up as he goes along.

Only Listed Players May Train With or Be Tested By a Club
(a) Except as provided in Rule 5.9(b), a Club shall not permit or invite an Unlisted
Player to:
(i) train with the Club;
(ii) undertake any Testing conducted by or on behalf of the Club; or
(iii) complete any Survey conducted by or on behalf of the Club.
(b) Notwithstanding Rule 5.9(a), a Club may permit or invite an Unlisted Player to
do one or more of the acts referred to in Rule 5.9(a) where:
(i) the Unlisted Player has been removed from a Club’s List following the
conclusion of the most recent AFL Season, limited to the period between
the commencement of the Club’s pre-season training program (as
advised to the AFL) and the next National Draft Selection Meeting;
(ii) any Unlisted Player (excluding any Unlisted Player referred to in Rule
5.9(b)(i)) is eligible to be selected at the next National Draft Selection
Meeting and has not been invited to an AFL Combine during the
preceding 12 months, limited to the period between the conclusion of the
last AFL Combine of the Football Year and the next National Draft
Selection Meeting; or
(iii) where a determination is made by the General Counsel under Rule
© The General Counsel may issue determinations pursuant to Rule 5.9(b)(iii) and
Rule 5.8(b)(iv). Without limitation, such determinations may provide for an
exception in relation to a particular Unlisted Player or class of Unlisted Players
and may be subject to such conditions as the General Counsel sees fit.

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He can’t go on the Cat B list, but he can be recruited as a DFA as he was delisted last year. I don’t believe it applies to anyone delisted more than 12 months previously though, I didn’t think so. So Grigg may not be able to be recruited via this.

I have no idea how it would all work with the mid-season draft if someone came calling.

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Former St Kilda-listed speedster Ray Connellan is proving a driving force for Essendon’s VFL team this season. Having been released from his previous forward-line role at the Saints, the Irishman generated a round-high nine inside-50s from 19 disposals and nine marks in the Bombers’ 94-point defeat of North Melbourne.


TACKLES (9): Dylan Clarke (Essendon) and Joe Maishman (Werribee)

INSIDE-50s (9): Ray Connellan (Essendon)

GOALS (6): Peter McEvoy (Coburg) and Jayden Laverde (Essendon)


Will this be on YouTube?

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Yes, looks like it will be streamed with SEN (?) commentary.


Thanks Dave. Let me know how the hot chips are!

How did we manage it for McNiece.

He has gone from rookie B to rookie A back to rookie B

Is there a loophole perhaps that Disco may have up one of his numerous sleeves.

That came under the new academy system, which Connellan wouldn’t qualify for. He also wouldn’t qualify for the Irish system or the 3 years not in footy system.

But heh, this is the AFL. You can never be sure.

The reality is, if we lose/delist some of our backup small defenders (e.g. delist Dea, Gleeson asks to be traded), if he does well enough he might be straight onto the list. This could also apply if we decide one or more of Redman/McKenna/Ridley will definitely play midfield full time from now on).

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Bring him in.

If our depth has elite speed all the better.

If he shows a bit, him for Dea may easily occur. I like Dea, but if Ambrose is going to stay injury free, he’s the better stopper & defensive hard nut of the two, and I don’t think we need two on the list.

Of course, that assumes that Ambrose doesn’t get injured again. A long way to go in the season.

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