VFL - Round 4 vs Casey @ The Hangar, 2pm Sun 16 April 2023

He kicked a dozen from all angles before missing one from the hardest pocket.


Yes hobbsy is there


I don’t believe you Yobbo!

What is the yobbo yelling?

The yobbo is in the eye of the storm, between games.

I reckon Voss had 15 shots at goal then and kicked 3 goals 12. I’m blaming the wind.

needs a big 2 weeks will need him against geelong on the short back up

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Big quarter

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He must kicked 90% of the misses then. Generally pretty good reading of the wind.

The wind has been strong enough that the ground is now fully dry.


Potential weather seems to have scared most attendees off.

One of the poor girls from the vflw side just left in an ambulance. I missed what happened in the vflw match to her

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We might get a shower coming through but fingers crossed we will miss the worst of it.

If it is the one @theDJR spoke about then it might have been a friendly fire elbow to the temple

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Hayes for a beanpole has put on some good size. I’m quietly impressed with his physique.

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Presumably Paige Scott. Copped an elbow in the forehead in the temple the last quarter. Knocked out.

Was at full forward and BOG before that.

is their a Temple at the Hanger, Buddist?

@jackie_mihocek joins the Radio 3DJR booth for this game.