VFL - Round 5 vs. Frankston @ Windy Hill 2:05 PM Sunday May 16May 2021

Yes, you read that correctly. The VFL match is on pretty much at the same time as the AFL match. The bastards. We’re at Windy Hill, but who cares?

It is on Kayo, which I would say is a good thing except I have this sneaky suspicion that the reason there is the clash is that this is a Kayo ‘freebie’ match. The AFL wouldn’t deliberately create a clash so that people had to sign up for Kayo to watch it … would they???

Whether I watch it will probably depend on how depressed or excited I am from the seniors.


Fuucking seriously? How hard could it possibly be to organize the VFL game on a different day? What a ■■■■ move.


Disappointed. Will watch it on Kayo without knowing the result.
At least the next VFL round is at Windy Hill on Saturday and AFL on Sunday at Marvel

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Thank deity I don’t have to wait till Sunday for THE game. I’ve gone a week without a win… that’s our worst losing streak in the past 21 months!!!


Any uninjured AFL listed players left to play in this match? :thinking::grimacing:

McBride to play all of the position.


Hi all,

I’m new to both AFL and the Bombers. I’m trying to understand the relationship between the VFL and AFL. Is one a farm league for the other? Or is their relationship completely different?

Thanks for any info



More or less. The VFL is a second tier competition which now is not only Victorian teams but NSW and QLD teams. Every AFL side based in those states has either a reserves side (like us) or an affiliated pre-existing VFL side (e.g. Melbourne have Casey) which they control and run (either wholly or partially depending on if it’s a proper reserve “club” or just an affiliated VFL side) and the players not playing in the AFL side will play with the VFL side (along with some exclusively VFL players who aren’t on the AFL list and can’t be picked for the AFL).

So our list has 45 (?) blokes on it, we pick 22 (and a half for the sub…) to play in the AFL and everyone else who’s fit but not picked plays for Essendon VFL to ply their trade and develop/make their case for selection in the AFL

It’s essentially the same setup in WA with the WAFL and SA with the SANFL for what it’s worth.


Think I forgot to @ you - see reply above

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Waterman available (assuming he doesn’t replace Stringer).

Gleeson has been named, as well as Waterman.

No Erye, Dunkley or Younan

Zaka not named, assume he is the Sub


Does Sandringham choose their players based on the names of former greats?
Even just from Essendon they’ve got a Fordham, a Fletcher, a Williams, a Goddard…….

And that’s not counting the others.

That was a Frankston side not Sandringham

Sorry - south of the Yarra suburbs seem to blur into each other sometimes

Younan got injured (arm) playing for Bundoora last week I read on the nfnl forum @Bigfooty.

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It’s so weird to see Will Arthurson playing for Frankston. I was his buddy when he was in prep and I was in year 5.

Small world :joy:

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And a Begley!

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(He’s dropped out of the top ten goalkickers. Josh Jenkins and Fraser Thurlow are there though!)


Josh Goater as emergency, he will be one to watch once he gets a gig. I have him as a top 20 prospect currently