VFL - Round 6 vs Norf @ Windy Hill 2PM Saturday 22 May 2021

Posting this early as it may be the closest we’ll get to a double header this year (and onwards?) – a clunky two hour gap between the games as we don’t have four sets of change rooms.

EDIT: is a slightly odd choice for the VFLM team, given the AFL play the day after at 16:40.


North’s percentage after 5 games is 29.5. They’ve lost their last 3 games by 100+ points.

If we don’t beat them next week by 80+ points it will be disappointing, we need a percentage boost ourselves (79.9).


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Saw a bit of Eddie Ford on Sunday for North, he played well.

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No pressure…




North Melbourne in 2021 W0 L5 D0 For 195 Agst 661 %29.5 Pts 0
Three straight 100+ floggings with plenty more in store.
They actually had one decent player on the weekend Eddie Ford. Surprisingly he hasn’t played in North’s AFL team as yet. He stood out like a beacon compared to North’s other players. Would be shocked if they don’t promote him this week.
Not sure what the kangaroos draw is for the remainder of the season but it will be a very long season.


Ed Cahill played well last week… :laughing:

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Tom Hird playing in the middle :eyes:


Eddie Ford will be lucky to get a touch this week on Zerk-Thatcher.
Bit of a worry First year player is FF.

Amazing what a difference Ambrose made last week.

Cahill working on forward craft and Hird in the middle, will be great to see him get 20+ possessions.

Some guy on the radio last night said that Essendon people were very happy with his progression over the last few weeks. Obviously take that with a grain of salt, but it is nice to hear.

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Yeah. Noticed that too. Great way to push his development.

Zaharakis and Ham not named, so presumably Ham is in the side and Zaka is the medical sub on Sunday.

Yep. Happy with this. Keep backing the youngsters in. Would be a pain for Ambrose but he’d understand that he’s almost 30 and isn’t a part of the future. He carved out a good career.

If I was Ambrose I’d be checking if the Bulldogs want to give him a chance to help out down back.

Is there a way to watch the game if you don’t have 7plus?

Anywhere online?

Not sure but @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS might know.


Yeah they still can’t get it right

Maybe on their website. I did watch a vfl game that way before. But that was about five years ago

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It will appear at:

Elsewhere on that site you can see they have the game listed to start at 2.