VFL - Round 7 vs Hawks @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Sunday 8 May 2022

(3WBC 94.1FM, www.3wbc.org.au , 1pm; (Channel 7 and https://7plus.com.au , 2pm)

B 30.BZerk-Thatcher* 77.JFitzgerald 38.CBrand
HB 41. C McBride 36. G McDonagh 28. A Lord
C 70. C Anderson 33. B Ham* 53. S Conforti
HF 43. A McDonald-Tipungwuti 32. J Eyre 49. T Hird
F 10. A Francis* 26. K Baldwin* 40. T Wanganeen

R 66. B Archard 51. S Rasinac 60. J Atley

INT 76. J Sutton 80 A. Hird (23rd) 59. P Bannister 52. K Weightman 75. M Simpson

EMG 58. B Jolley 71. L Godden 79. C McLeod 72. L Rayner 68. J Iacobaccio 74. W Hoare

IN C Anderson, K Baldwin, P Bannister, A Francis, A Hird, A McDonald-Tipungwuti, T Wanganeen
OUT N Bryan, N Hind (AFL), L Godden, J Iacobaccio, D Landt, C McLeod, P Pascu (omit)


I think the team you posted looks a lot more likely than this one on the afl app DJR :joy: Where did you see the team posted?

A reasonable proportion of DJR’s forward line could be our AFL forward line in a few weeks.


From the link at:

VFLW team was late, I was increasingly desperate, and no other bastard had already started the thread for me to post into.

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Thank you. Perhaps I should use the website rather than the app from now on.

At the time I posted only a few of the teams were up.

You find this by going to:

EDIT: disguised by the above; it’s a redirect from vfl.com.au

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It seems they basically name the team in number order with no concern for actual positions. I noticed this a few games ago.

Yes, that’s been the case since last year after they burnt the old VFL site to the ground.

The interesting thing is if a player changes numbers, they still sort by the original number and not by the current/displayed number :crazy_face:

I wonder how many AFL blokes will actually play tomorrow. Presumably Lord will, but hopefully we don’t have any others out with the plague.

Good news is percentage doesn’t matter; we have already won the weekend!

Team For Against Percentage
VFLW 64 7 914%
AFL 108 81 133%
VFL ? ? ?
TOTAL 172 88 195%

It’s going to be the least experienced VFL team anyone has put on the park in a long time.
Only 8 AFL listed players - Tippa, Wanganeen, Hird, McDonough, McBride, Brand, Eyre, Lord.
Only 2 have played any AFL games (Tippa and Wanganeen) and Tex only has 2.
Even the VFL listed players don’t have any experience with the one exception of Atley.

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Anyone at the ground?

Is it 2:10 yet?

Meanwhile I am watching Demons v Sharks. Sharks are getting their backsides handed to them by the Demons in the 1st 1/4.
Casey 6.2 38
Southport 0.0 0

I will be multi-screening Hawks VFL and Hawks VFLW (hoping they also got broke like Casey VFLW did after last week).

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Can anyone there make sure to give Sam Mitchell a hard time if you see him


Also waiting on score vs Richmond here, to tally up our collected weekend result:

This will be on C7 this arvo

And youse can all jam it.

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Didn’t want to mention The Accountant?

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Looks like Eyre, Brand, McBride, Wanganeen, Tippa, McDonagh & Hird are out there.