VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Who wants it more? Let’s find out.


“Now is the time in the season to STEP UP…”


Myers 23 touches and 2 goals to three quarter time.

Gonna ■■■■ a lot of people off I feel, bring on selection.


Myers Ridley Clarke Clarke in the middle.


Was Ridley still playing midfield that quarter?
Only 2 possessions for the qtr based on footy live app


Long and McQueen the wings.


Myers 23
Ridley 18
Dea 14
Hartley 14
McKenna 14
Clarke 13
LAV 12


Hartley HORROR turnover in defence leads to a poster for them


Sandy 65m bomb marked on line by Hartley. He fails to clear it and they kick a… poster.



Honestly, I like Myers. He plays so much better in VFL. Keep him there for the year, and the rest will learn heaps from him.


Hocking you STAR!!!

Taps to Younan on the run and goal!


We are chipping it around a slowing things down

Need to find a couple goals here

As I type that get a nice dribbler!





Is it because there are more kids to protect?


Point to them. Phew.



Sam Rowe gets a snap point



No, it’s because he has the best football mind in that team.


Because its a LOT slower.

Il pay the joke though


No he wasn’t.


Sandy two torpedos to cover the full ground.