VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019

No TV, no video stream (but the VFLW/VFL double-header next week will get video).

On 88.3, 97.3 and 3DJR.


B: 14. J. Ridley, 36. M. Hartley, 30. B Zerk-Thatcher
HB: 59. A. Heppell, 49. M. Dea, 23. D. Myers
C: 61. W. Berry, 37. D. Clarke, 34. J. Long
HF: 24. J. Houlahan, 77. H. Hocking, 22. I. Mosquito
F: 56. D. Landt, 65. E. Sibbald, 55. D. Younan
R: 20. Z. Clarke, 15. J. Laverde, 33. B. Ham

Int: 51. J. Brown, 66. L. Goetz, 73. D. Guccione, 76. B. Laguda, 70. L. Mckenna, 79. J. McQueen, 52. L. Read, 50. J. Tynan

23P: 72. T. Smith

In: Z. Clarke, J. McQueen, B. Ham, D. Myers, J. Laverde, D. Guccione, Mckenna, T. Smith, L. Goetz, J. Brown

Out: B. McNiece, J. Begley, B. Fennell, N. Gown, K. Langford, N. Lazzaro

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We’ve named 3 ruckman (Clarke, Read, and debutant Goetz) plus Sibbald. Hopefully one of them isn’t rubbish.

A new 23rd man too.


B: 78. S. Gilbert, 47. S. Rowe, 37. B. Rice
HB: 38. O. Clavarino, 39. D. Joyce, 31. B. White
C: 11. H. Clark, 20. D. Armitage, 46. D. Langlands
HF: 40. N. Hind, 62. S. Tahana, 55. K. Owens
F: 21. B. Long, 12. M. King, 50. N. Wright

R: 18. B. Longer, 1. N. Coffield, 49. B. Seccull

Int: 53. K. Answerth, 71. M. Batten, 76. R. Carroll, 66. S. Fox, 52. J. Hille, 48. T. Laumets, 59. J. Noone, 57. T. Thompson

23P: 64. A. Seaton

In: T. Laumets, D. Langlands, K. Owens, B. Long, M. Batten, T. Thompson

Out: J. Marsh, R. Young

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Myers back to his natural HBF


McNeice playing his 50th VFL game.

EDIT: according to the VFL website. Idiots!

See you there



No Fridge, no television coverage.

Why is Lazzaro out? I thought he was doing OK?

Concussed last week

Thanks for that.

Why has Gown gone down?

Myers watch please



Bring in my boys - VFL McKenna and VFL Brown!

Armitage Longer Clark King. They’ve got their share of first round draft picks out there…

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Ha, I guess the VFL site wrote that before the teams came in… as accurate as their stats!

How else will he learn to be a midfielder?

He was exposed.

Excellent question.