VFL - Round 8 vs Bears @ Springfield Central Stadium, 12noon Sun 14 May 2023

Ruh roh.

Which one of you poor bastards is covering this?

VFL: Rd 8 team v Brisbane

See the VFL Bombers’ lineup against the Lions.

Essendon has named it VFL side to take on Werribee in round eight.

The Bombers will be without Kaine Baldwin (AFL) and Zach Reid (Hamstring), changing the look of the backline from last week’s game.

A tall task awaits as the Lions enter the game undefeated. Essendon meanwhile will be looking to build on their two wins in their first interstate game for the year.

First bounce is at 12:05pm at Brighton Homes Arena.

B R. Montgomerie (38) H. Minton-Connell (76) C. McBride (41)
HB A. Lord (28) L. Hayes (18) M. D’Ambrosio (42)
C T. Phillips (55) B. Cootee (57) S. Conforti (53)
HF W. Snelling (11) P. Voss (39) J. Hotchkin (64)
F T. Wanganeen (40) J. Jorgensen (56) A. Munkara (45)
R N. Bryan (24) B. Bernacki (59) Q. Narkle (67)
INT S. Rasinac (58) B. Lynch (50) J. Fitzgerald (77)
B. Laguda (62) A. Harris (71)
23rd Player A. Harris (71)
EMG R. Loton (70) M Foley (73) W. Hoare (51)
J. Brown (63)
INS H. Minton-Connell (76) B. Lynch (50) J. Hotchkin (64)
J. Fitzgerald (77)
OUTS K. Baldwin (26) Z. Reid (31) W. Hoare (51)
J. Brown (63)

Aren’t all the emergencies going up to Brisbane?

Yes, the Victorian Football League game is occurring in Queensland ~16.7 hours after the AFL game.


I can’t. I’m out of town for the weekend

Silly question…
VFL play tomorrow.
Can Alwyn Davey Jnr play tomorrow even though he was activated as a sub today?

Big opportunity for Tex Wanganeen if he wants it…


My guess is you haven’t seen his play in VFL…

Snelling will get a run before him.

Menzies and Davey are absolute ripe for dropping.

Theres 2 spots available up forward.

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Yes he can. But wasn’t named. I would play him if permitted.


let’s goooooo

The Brisbane VFL team is stacked.

No injuries will do that to you.

Commentator thinks he is BT. That’s not going to get annoying.

8 mins in

Ess 0
Bris 2

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Lord has done a couple of nice things early


8 intercept marks for the Lions in the first 13 minutes

genuine repeat of last night

imagine if we had a kick out plan that wasn’t long bomb it to the Brisbane defenders 10m outside the 50

Hayes is playing well. he will see a lot of ball today!


Yeah this has 100 point belting written all over it