VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019


Chol back in the ruck.


Pack clunk to them in the goal square. Was a big bomb with the wind behind them.


33-55, ow.


gleeson outmarked in the goals square.

this is essendon.


Lot of stupid decisions and sloppy disposal through and forward of the center


That’s the best and most consistent half I’ve seen Mo22ie play so far. Got involved and showed skill and lovely movement with the ball. Speared a goal too after some slick dance steps.


Graham pushed Zerk in the back to take easy mark and goal.


Long in 50, McKenna in 61.

High free to Mo22ie.


Mo22ie a nice kick into tricky wind. Goal.

39-55 at 19 minutes.


Smart kick by Mozzie.


Mo22 has already improved his running capacity since the start of the season


Long comes off after another stuffup.




Clarke >>>>>>>>>> Myers


Free kick Richmond.


Thought it was fine, was always going to mark but he held up and play and time.
The real criminal was the umpiring after the kick was marked he called a ball up… for some reason


Point only, phew.




Bezerk Thatcher slips forward. Set shot point.

And they go contrary to mood, and goal


Reel them in, slip the hook. Repeat.


Dea should have had two free kicks before that goal