VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019

Jok got attacked behind the ball, won the fight, and then it sparked a big brawl.

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more than a bit

Better second half of that quarter- we’re back in it.

Up and running now, get it done boys

Number 70 for us. Whoever he is, was flying the flag. Hes a unit. Boys all fired up at half time.

Liam McKenna - ripped jumper, he won’t be stopped!

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Since no one said how that quarter ended, Mynott was running into goal from 45, slowed to make sure of it, aaaaand… siren.

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5.3.33 trails 7.3.45 at half time

Clarke 13 (3 tackles)
Hocking 13
McKenna 12
Long 11
Myers 11
Jok 10 (3 tackles)
Mozzie 10
Hartley 9
Bags 8
Connellan 8
Gleeson 8
Mynott 8
Dea 8
Younan 8
Ham 7
Ridley 7


Can’t wait til Mozzie’s in the seniors. Exciting every time he gets it.


Clayke coaching Mynott Myers Bowman in the middle. Looking after the kids.

Ham and Bezerk Thatcher chase down s “certain” goal.


wtf was that long?


Long another stuff-up.

And another!!!

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LOL at these nuffy commentators. Couldn’t barrack any harder for Richmond. One of them pronounces “the” as “da”.

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Where is Hartley?


Some quality misses by Richmond to start this quarter.

Hartley on Chol now.

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