VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019

Mitch Brown reinjured wrist.

Top effort, they all look knackered. Desperate stuff when actually we had more time than we probably thought.

Good game, good fight from the boys

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A thousand times the player he was 2 years ago.

Disappointing, but at least they fought it out.

Thought it was going to be ugly after the first 1/4.

Clarke 26 (5 tackles)
Myers 25 (5 tackles)
McKenna 23 (5 tackles)
Hocking 21
Long 19
Hartley 17
Younan 16
Zerk 16
Gleeson 15
Jok 15
Mynott 15
Ham 14
Mozzie 14


■■■■. What’s it with Essendon players reinjuring them shelves. Give them 2 more weeks and ease them back for ■■■■ sake

Good effort against a better organised team.

Brown looks like he is injured. Came off looking at his wrist looking upset. Hopefully ok.
He did play an average game.

The Chol player was very good. I’d offer him a contract in our senior team. What a future player. Shocked to hear he doesn’t play full time ruck. Can we offer him a mid season deal?

Or maybe it wasn’t fully healed

What are you on about? He is playing VFL how else are we meant to ease him back in?


Ridley only 13 touches
Quiet game or injured?

No idea, although that’d be a weird rule. Either way, he’s not on the list of nominees.

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Here’s hoping Brown just got a knock on the wrist and pain from that rather than refracturing

We need him

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Why didn’t the VFLW or VFL teams wear the indigenous round gurneys @Paul_Cousins @Catherine_Lio?


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VFL / AFL what’s the difference. You manage them better. Take a look at Joe, he would have done the same thing even if he played VFL

Now you are dribbling.

Ridley in defence, not midfield.

Ah so the plan to make him our skinny big-bodied mid has been abandoned.

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Fair bit of the blame lies with the other players and coaches. Why they kick to him in a contested marking situation is beyond me, not his wheelhouse.

Edit: for the average game part, not the injury. Hopefully ok.