VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019

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Bowman was pretty good. Is mobile and pretty clean with his disposal. Unfortunately Goetz disappeared in the second half, and Chol was ultimately the difference.

Disgraceful not turning the lights on.


A few spots of rain now.

It’s going to ■■■■ down

Sounds like a good effort against the best VFL team.

Was gonna put it on to watch before the seniors But was still live and saw final scores!
Might watch it tomorrow now.

Surprisingly we won all stats bar hit outs.

Clarke 26 (evenly split between handballs and decent kicks) the leader across both teams. Myers in 25 but I barely noticed him (except for some bad moments).

In the end we can definitely go head-to-head with the best team in the league. Lots of individual mehs for me today but still right up there.


Yep, we can beat this team.

I saw first half and not much of the second half. I’m getting a bit worried as to whether BZT will be a player. He gets beaten too often too easily, and is making some bad clanger kicks this year.

David Myers smiling after another close loss. I guess he’s just a happy go lucky kinda guy?


Brown skipped the formalities and left the field at the end under care of a trainer. Good thing was he was able to walk off.

Looked like Clarke was being tagged. Got involved in scuffles as his opponent tried to keep him out of play. Umpires completely ignored the scagging behind play.

Is there anyone at Richmond we should target for a trade?

Because they’re on top of the VFL ladder so they have some depth…and there must be someone being underpaid due to Lynch et al…

I thought Clarke was very decent today.

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Clarke was tagged out of the game by Townsend. The Umps gave him nothing even though he was held out of a number of contests and generally thumped at every opportunity.

Brown looked quite distressed at th end of the game heading to the rooms. He was escorted by a trainer but had a family member join him.

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That was after the half time Melee

In descending disposal count:

Clarke - 26 and 5 tackles. Kicking was fine today.
Myers - 25 and 5 tackles. I don’t want to see the clanger or efficiency rate though…
McKenna - 23 and 5 tackles
Hocking - 21 and one goal. Was huge in that last quarter.
Long - 19 and stupidly pinged about four times. I’d like 4 picks in the mid-season draft, thanks.
Hartley - 17. Was on Chol occasionally when he caused us trouble.
Younan - surprised to see 16. Was a big player in the last quarter.
Bezerk Thatcher - 16 from 11 marks. Had his touch back today, apart from that awful sideways switch that cost a goal. Snuck forward for a goal and was annoyed at his other point (more so now, I guess!)
Gleeson - 15 but is wasn’t till a soaring intercept mark in the last that I saw much sparkle.
Jok - 15 mostly on the wing. Alright return from a long layoff.
Mynott - 15 and 0.0. Kicks a second earlier before halftime and we win. It seemed Richmond had the siren control in the second and we had it in the fourth: way too short then way too long.
Ham - 14 and a goal, mostly from defence
Mo22ie - 14 and 2.2, will be a star.
Bowman - the #1 ruckman for us: 13 disposals, 14 hit-outs, and a goal. He’s definitely no unco. Surely someone picks him in the upcoming draft.
Brown - 13, 6 marks, a solitary point, and apparently a re-injured wrist.
Connellan - 13 and meh. Think he’s better suited behind the ball to rebound rather than on the wing.
Dea - 13 and 7 marks. Ol’ reliable.
Ridley - 13 and meh
HepA - 12, another VFL player prominent at the death
Baguley - 10, 7 tackles and 2.1
Sibbald - 6 and while he moved alright when got it, that and zero score is absolutely not enough.
Goetz - 5 and 16 hit-outs. Thought he was decent at ground level in the first half before disappearing
Houlahan- 5 and zero score.

Well, that was a meh summary. I guess that’s a good sign? We have them an early 25 point lead and couldn’t quite get all of that back.


That would be some sort of wrist injury, if he couldn’t!


Mitch brown plays better in the ones than he does in the twos

With Sibbald very quiet, if Brown went wandering up the ground for marks we were commonly left with no talls forward. He still did.