VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised


Bombers leading 53-41, 30:53 into the third quarter.









Houls may have just brought himself another year with that hangar and clutchiness.


oh my sweet lord! Houlas grab was bigger than Simon Madden’s grab in front of the old grandstand against Fitzroy in the 80s


Don’t know I’d go that far.


Myers 23
Snelling 19
Jok 17
Younan 17
Zerk 17
Mynott 16
Gleeson 15
Heppell 15
Ridley 12
Hartley 12


I’m liking Snelling, nothing flashy but just hard smart football. Keeps the hands free and hunts the ball.

Noooice mark houlihands too!


He soars & kicks straight! Great work Houlahan. Some hope for the future!


I lost them, so annoying.


Reminds me of a Kane lambert type


So Snelling 9 that quarter.

Houlahan got massive springs, barely grazed that Fark Carltoner.


Some grab.

dingus Jr: “Joe Danihoulahan”!


Stants looks terrible in a northern blues tracksuit top


Yeah good comparison. Same size too.


He has had 3 kicks, 1 mark and 2 goals to 3/4 time. Not sure mark of the year will get him another year.


I hope the ol’ faithful are giving him the booing he deserves


mynotts a decent midfielder hey


So you’re saying he is a high impact per possession player?