VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


How good was that last quarter.

Geez Richmond missed some chances


Just watched the last quarter again.
Hind and Stewart might have been the match winners but Heppell and Draper were the match savers.


Draper’s ruck work was nothing short of sublime at the end.


Heppell had a Huge job on Brandon Ellis.
B Ellis almost thought he could get the tigers across the line on his own.
And its kind of funny his missed tackle on Hind cost them the game and he knew it.


Not sure where to post this but Drew Petrie is currently at the Hangar in a meeting with three others including Buddha. Didn’t realise we had Petrie involved in any capacity at the club this year?



Maybe we want him onboard for something.
Hocking would suggest either VFL or JHA.


This is your 1st warning Alex…

and last !


Should be instant dismissal


That could have come down to having the jumper tucked into the shorts or not. Hinds shirt is not tucked in.


Saw him in the bar at Nth Port on Saturday chatting to a few people. Was wondering what interest he had in the game.


Coming in as the goal celebration coach.




Have a look at Drapers goal celbration in the VFL on the weekend against casey, similar to frank the tank.


I knew we wouldn’t win.


Well you’re a hopeless oracle. This is the thread for the Tigers final.

Hint: we won.


Did we? Did we really…