VFL state squad announced

Four Essendon players listed in the initial squad of 42 to play the WAFL on May 27. We’ve got the most of any AFL affiliated club.

Congratulations to Nick O’Brien, James Ferry, Nick Hind and Alex Boyse.



Most of the affiliated sides, I assume.
There’s only 3 non-affiliated sides now I think (and one of them is total balls).

Note that this year we don’t get screwed by this (last year all teams but us and Richmond had a bye the week the state game was on).

Three of our guys made the 27 man train on squad.

Hind, Boyse and Ferry.

Nobby the only one cut.

Sorry mate, but your information is wrong here - there are 2 games on the same weekend as the WAFL clash - the Richmond clash before Dreamtime happens again and this season it is joined by a night game at VU Whitten Oval between Footscray and Sandringham. If you go to the VFL site you’ll see those games are part of Rounds 16 & 17 respectively

Heh, they out-smarted me there…

Why would EFC label the game versus Richmond “State Game Weekend” in their online calendar?

That’s seriously dumb.

Rhetorical question? If not, Richmond=dumb.

Essendon are going to have serious issues this week — our two medium-tall key position players, both in good form, removed from FF and FB. And if I recall correctly the Richmond team we played in the pre-season had plenty of talls.

Please be ready to go, Smack. Even then we might need to send Draper to the backline.

What type of players are the two Richmond players?

In the state side? Both ex AFL players, Darley @ dogs and Ballard @ Freo

Goodwin’ a decent looking prospect, big unit, goes hard and moves well. 26 ish yo though. If we’re looking for a Leuey replacement, could do worse

I was more interested in how losing them would impact their structure for today’s game.