VFL vs SANFL — I’ve got good news and bad news…


The 30 man squad includes Coghlan and Ferry (and also Dalgleish at Footscray).

The game is on May 29 in SA. And get this… this is a VFL bye for EVERYONE except us and Richmond.

Said VFL game is conveniently at Punt Road, but starts 3:25 before the AFL one, so no Long Walking and you’ll probably miss a bit of the pre-show.

Get nicked.

(Richmond have one player named, their captain Sam Darley.)

Oh well.

That is seriously bad decision making about the schedule. They must assume that EFC VFL watchers will jump the train to Flinders to join the Long Walk.

Supporters of the SANFL are annoyed that this stupid game is going ahead. Will be lucky to get 1000 people there and it’s a bye for the whole comp which supporters hate