VFLW 2024 Squad

We’re here already.

Trial consists of surviving a Dicker-ing.

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Mia says:



She is one tough cookie!

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Wow. Earliest announcement ever.

Top two in the 2023 B&F, and Manfre.


We broke the glass (above) in advance of the emergency.

Club-leading 72 games, including the last 51 in a row. Captain and co-captain. THE face of the Essendon VFLW team, and an amazing speaker. And in the past year in particular, doing bloody well for herself and those she helps.



:broken_heart: but also so happy for her.


I thought that decision was made during the VFLW finals series.
But she still keeps in contact with the club. Has been to a few training sessions. Played in our intra club scrimmages. And attended multiple AFLW games with the other non-playing players (including the Pies game).
So I thought I may have been mistaken.



Sorry for crappy screenshots. Not often I get in before DJR!


Porter is a good pickup. Went head-to-head vs Nanscawen in one game and arguably beat her.

We badly missed Hart-Aluni’s pace this year after she was injured.

Chaston is a gun.


I hadn’t realised Porter went missing in 2023. Only played one late game for her home base St Marys in the NTFL in Feb 2023. Can’t see activity after that.

Her 29 disposals H2H vs Nanscawen in 2022 no doubt helped get her to the Hawks AFLW. Got cut after that first season. Her and fellow Hawk reject Dom Carbone were named for Port Melbourne this year, but Isabelle never played.



Davidge, Prpic, and Huta re-signed.


Ford, Richardson, and RUSSELL re-signed.

Now (sorry) to hope no AFLW team drafts Russell.

Not a single oldie re-signed yet (newbie Porter will be 26yo next year).

As (spoiler) there are more non-signings to be announced, we need some extra top-level / leadership players to come in. We were young enough this past year already.

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Here’s a better visualisation of what is public so far.

Player 2022 Games Status
Dicker 17 re-signed
Ryan 17
Ugle 17 x
Davidge 16 re-signed
Crook 15
Clarke 14
Prpic 14 re-signed
Molan 14 re-signed
Wilson 14
Huta 13 re-signed
Manfre 13 re-signed
Sutton 13
Chaston 13 re-signed
Heil 13 x
Clifford 13
Hurrell 12
Ford 9 re-signed
Pearson 9
Gray 8
Morrow 8
Richardson 7 re-signed
Orritt 7
Bateman 7
Cornish 5
Hart-Aluni 4 re-signed
Russell 3 re-signed
Spargo 3
Ure 2
Strahan 2
Ashley-Cooper 2
Keck 1
Bateman 1
Grunden 1
Grech -
Meyers -
Elarmaly -
Isabelle Porter - NEW

I removed Nat MacDonald and Caitlin Sargent from the table as they had no influence on the 2022 season (disregarding Sargent kicking the goal that got the Pies, rather than us, to the Grand Final).


Is VFLW solely 1 year contracts?

Given anyone can move freely (including during the season!) that’s a fairly notional query.

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I’m pretty confident Spargo will be back.
Not sure about Sutton. Think another team was trying to sign her. Not sure if she has an AFLW train on or if it was another VFLW team.
Hopefully she comes back.

For a reason other than that she is working for the AFLW team/club?

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Even outside of that.
She’s a fringe player but been through injuries.

She’s a good reliable backup option that’ll play majority of local EDFL footy.

We’ll probably get whoever we end up delisting from our AFLW team.
It’s a pretty close knit group of players.

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