VFLW Fixture 2020

Get along Blitzers, it’s great day & great fun particularly if it’s a VFL/ VFLW doubleheader.


When are we gonna get an AFLW team?

The AFL still hates us, it will be while yet.


Yeah, I dunno…
Richmond’s only got a team this year.
Maybe the AFL are just morons.
It’s possible.

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Us, Port, Hawks and Sydney don’t have teams in AFLW. Trying to see the common denominator but coming up empty…

Saga, a Koch, Kennett and the Buddy trade

Also we didn’t put a bid in the first year which puts us way down the pecking order.

They have enough AFLW rounds for a team to play half of the others. By the time we get in it will be a third…

VFLW if you want an actual legit league.

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We get Willy twice :slight_smile:

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Next year isn’t it??

Richmond have pulled the pin on their VFLW team. (Although will do AFLW next year).

Understand money is tight, but I reckon that’s a poor move.

Money must be very very tight if Richmond are making a decision like this.

I would assume too that the Essendon AFLW team will be delayed for another few years.

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