VFLW - practice match vs Casey @ The Hangar, 12noon Sun 5 March 2023

This post was triggered by la Presidenta appearing to have forgotten to tell us there was a secret match on today at The Hangar.

Seems that Ashley-Cooper and Jorja Borg played, returning from the foot injuries that saw the two of them combine for a total of one minute of AFLW (practice) match time last year.

Georgia added this to that:


It’s 237 days since she did her ACL.


AFLW-listed Caitlin Sargent likely played as well, plus Ugle and Bella Clarke.

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I’ve just been told I have a family function at the same time…

Did you tell them to nick off?

My mother kindly broke her heel so I wouldn’t have to go interstate for my rather notable birthday, and therefore I’m not missing the March 11 game :slight_smile:


The delicate negotiations have begun.


16 of the 27 are debuting for us.

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You can see info on all of the new players in the squad thread (I have assumed everyone named here is on our list!)

Going to be near-Casey winds from the north tomorrow, which is legit quite unusual for games at Tulla… but 20 degrees warmer than Casey.

My negotiations are failing…

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Sounds more like a hostage situation than a negotiation.

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Warning: this article can’t count, as we are playing 7 of our defending premiership players. For some reason they hate Bella Clarke (possibly looked for her in #45).

19yo (minus 2 days) Te[a]gan Williams has moved from us to them.

The Demons have selected Collingwood recruit Marla Neal, important players Mel Hogg, Emma Horne and Belinda Woolcock, plus young star India Lehmann in their squad for the trip to Tullamarine.

3.Dayna Smith
5.Siobhan Sheeran
7.Marla Neal
11.India Lehmann
12.Ciara Burke
13.Gemma Proy
16.Belinda Woolcock
17.Kaitlyn Carew
19.Niamh O’Neill
20.Alicia Bertrand
21.Shaye Symes
22.Kelly Thompson
24.Zoe Bailey
26.Emma Horne
27.Amy Laing
28.Steph Rummel
31.Kasey Phillips
35.Steph Barnett
36.Tegan Williams
39.Ella Dempster
45.Mel Hogg

Note that they’ve only named 21 players (5 on the bench) while we’ve got 11 on the bench. Maybe half-a-dozen refused to travel interstate?

And if you’re worried we’ve only got 7 players from our last game… Casey have only 4 that were present in the final versus us last year (Woolcock, Horne, Laing, and Hogg). Arguably they should have more than us, as we played lots of AFLW players through the finals while Casey had squibbed it by then.

Geelong also more extreme than us: 21 new players today.

And, in the last roll of the dice, freedom!

I’ll see you there.


Finally, after 245 days of waiting… GAME DAY.


Some fun wind here today… at least it makes things feel cooler.

(Half of) Casey out very early.

Easy to read the wind, dandelions flying everywhere.

I wonder if anyone told @Catherine_Lio the scoreboard is now electronic?

Yep! Gotta lean how to use it!

Kendra has left knee strapped.

And BREAKING NEWS: yes, very similar to last time I said that. AshleyCooper back in moon boot. Says not as bad as last time.