VFLW - Practice Match vs Fark Carlton @ The Hangar, 9am Saturday 9th March 2024

Odds on EFC acknowledging in ANY fashion that this match exists?

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FCFC lost their first practice match to the Saints 1.6.12 - 4.4.28

P.S. Looks like this match might start at around 30°, on the way to the day’s high of 39°…

P.P.S. If they bring the match forward I hope they tell us…

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I’m not following an FCFC accounts to find out, sorry

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They have posted in recent times, so probably would tell us.

Pay it forward! :money_mouth_face::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: :joy:

Match pushed forward to 9am start.

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So starting at 27º rather than ending at 34º…

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Absolutely no chance of making this now.


Debuting are Tassiopoulos, Crabtree, Murdoch, and SARAH PERKINS.

41 Amy Cariss-Brett
43 Olivia Manfre
45 Sarah Ford
46 Kyla Tracey
49 Emily Tassiopoulos
50 Krystal Russell
51 Drew Ryan
52 Jayda Richardson
54 Kalani Scoullar
55 Sarah Perkins
57 Tyla Crabtree
58 Chloe Prpic
60 Jaimee-Lee Morrow
61 El Chaston (C)
62 Ava Jordan
63 Lily Bateman
65 Karly McNeice
67 Maddison Shaw
68 Scarlett Orritt
72 Ruby Murdoch
73 Sophie Molan (VC)
76 Danielle Marshall
77 Tia Davidge
78 Ruby Mahony
80 Marnie Robinson

Here’s a possible arrangement (note we have a bigger bench this week, or just named everyone available).

B Marnie Robinson Jaimee-Lee Morrow
Maddison Shaw Danielle Marshall Karly McNeice
Drew Ryan Sarah Ford Ruby Murdoch
Scarlett Orritt Sophie Molan (VC) Ava Jordan
F Sarah Perkins Olivia Manfre
Krystal Russell Ruby Mahony El Chaston (C)
INT Kalani Scoullar Amy Cariss-Brett
Jayda Richardson Chloe Prpic Tia Davidge
Kyla Tracey Emily Tassiopoulos Tyla Crabtree
Lily Bateman
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Notable players not named:

  • Dicker (?)
  • Maddi Ford (running in sneakers recent weeks)
  • Huta (played last week)
  • Hart-Aluni (rehab training, still)
  • Porter (?)
  • Melnikas (?)
  • Hunt (?)
  • Huggard (rehab training)
  • Bernardi (finger?)
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Looks like FCFC are afraid to mention their team or this game.

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Melnikas not named but is here.

Field has been watered, so that’ll take a few degrees off for a short time…

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Wind is patchy now, but it’s not a day to be on Bullant Hill.

AshMelnikas MadGray and denHouting (?) head to the second oval.

MFord joins them, and has upgraded from recent appearances in sneakers to footy boots.

Porter (?) joins rehab.

Looks like we are going either legit big bench today. Significantly fewer chairs than there will be bench players!

Huta and CBernadi head to rehab.

HartAluni is in the 26!