VFLW - Practice Match vs Port Melb @ The Hangar, starting some time between 10am-12noon, Saturday 2nd March 2024

Chaston and Davidge mid.

I can imagine Gallagher out-running her opponent… but it looks like Manfre is the “big” forward today.

At least some of the numbers look legit/same as last year. Will document them later.

Fordy is not forty :rage:

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Got one big camera here today.

I can’t tell you anything about the premiers; they were always at the far end of the ground.

Wind picking up a bit, pretty direct to Bullant Hill.

Kicking to my end in the first quarter.

Gallagher deep forward.

Scoullar first ruck.

Ford Mahony Chaston middle.

Huta and Ryan wings.

Morrow is in defence!


Molan saving mark top of their goal square.

Jordan kick over the halfway mark – our first, finally – is straight to a Port defender.

Big rundown tackle by Shaw.

Trapped in our half for some time… but not in our fifty.


Port 8 on the bench; we have 5

Marnie is a beast.

Good tackle by LilyBateman on much bigger opponent, last line.

Morrow contested mark thirty out.

Morrow wins another contest.

Molan not warned of player behind, pinged, and an easy set shot goal.


Our tackling is good. But Port are getting stacks of it.

Davidge clearance.