VFLW practice match vs Willy @ Willy, 11:30am Saturday 14 April 2018

Both teams resisting the urge to play 18 on the ball.

It’s raining inside the grandstand. Stupid wind.


She is 18.

Dunno what the timekeepers are meant to be doing, second quarter went 22:00.

Zero score that quarter, Willy got past the wing once but not to their fifty.


#12 then #42 score points for us, into the wind.

2-12. This is the first time the ball has been in the fifty that end, for either team.

Change has hit!!!

100kph swinging from west. Rain legit sideways.

Everyone in the stand is giggling.

The real rain is here now

Sideways hail. Everyone off the ground.

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Initially both teams huddled in the bench (thirty people each) then they bolted for the stand. They couldn’t open the fence gate for a bit, which was HILARIOUS for us in the stand.

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Essendon and umps are back out first.

Phone keyboard went awry for a bit there, too wet.

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We scored another point before the ground was abandoned.


Playing again. Will get photo of hail up some time.



Ball has not left our end this quarter.

And fifty penalty for intruding into the protected area.


10-14 we storm back.

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Finally down Willy’s end but we hold out the last few minutes and keep them scoreless for the quarter.

1.4.10 trails 2.2.14

Alexa Madden was our goal scorer.

It’s very splashy in the cricket pitch area now.

Ball in their half so far.

Our bench are desperately trying to stay warm; they’ll be exhausted by the time they get on.

Rain stopped, wind relatively moderate across the ground.

10-15 after a toe poke touched in the square.