VFLW practice match vs Willy @ Willy, 11:30am Saturday 14 April 2018

Where’s Brad Plain when you need him!

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Fifty metre penalty gets them a handy point. One of those kind ones where the ump gives the hurry up then refuses to call play on, and we eventually rush the player and get punished for it.

Another free to them gives them a goal.


Not a single long-sleeved jumper out there. Not soft.

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Siren at 20:00. I reckon they didn’t even keep times today.

1.4.10 loses to 3.4.22 in what were at times WORST. CONDITIONS. EVER.

Even by Willy standards.

They don’t want to leave the ground. Huddle!

Second huddle as the coach gets out there.

They try to run off, third huddle at the boundary.

FFS let them have a hot shower already FFS.


Did the ball float?

Who did Heard tag?

Disappointing that we have no updates on the website.

Thanks DJR

My understanding is the VFLW list has not been fully finalised yet… Still, would be nice to know who is playing.

Just read through that. Well done DJR!

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